'Misinformed' about carbon

There are many misinformed people concerning carbon and its associated costs to Canadians.

(The) Liberal (government) will have you believe you’re better off with a carbon tax. The Parliamentary Budget Officer has stated “when both fiscal and economic impacts of the federal fuel tax charge are considered, we estimate that most households will see a net loss.”

I think that quote settles the debate. We are worse off.

British Colombians are especially (affected) by the provincial carbon tax. The maximum rebate you can receive is $466 per year if you earn less than $61,000. Most British Colombians will receive nothing.

Secondly, the carbon tax directly impacts inflation. On Nov 19, 2023 Castanet published an (opinion column) saying the BOC said eliminating the carbon tax would lead to a one-time drop of 0.60 percentage points in the inflation rate.

Most “common sense” people are aware of these points. For some reason the Liberals and environmentalists, are purposefully spreading (what I feel is) misinformation in an effort to confuse Canadians and push their agendas.

Some may remember the acid rain issue Canada faced in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The solution was technology in the form of catalysts to remove the carbon monoxide that causes acid rain and it worked great. Technology and adaption is always the key to success.

If Canada can displace 10% of Chinese coal with Canadian LNG, that will reduce emissions more than completely shutting down Canada. Not only that, we would make a lot money in the process.

Germany recently signed a $100 billion, 15-year LNG deal with Quatar, while (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau says there’s no business case. Japan and Greece also want LNG from Canada.

Trudeau basically tossed away $250 billion in revenue. It was the biggest the business case in Canadian history by the way.

It’s time for common sense to prevail.

Matt Irnie, Kelowna

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