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I have been following the Kamloops (situation) since Mayor Reid Hamer-Jackson was voted in.

I am honestly appalled that the same people who aren't happy with the mayor barrage social media with negative posts and continue to blatantly harass and bully him. It's a complete joke.

Mayor “HJ” was voted in by the people of Kamloops to bring change to the city, help those struggling with homelessness and addiction and make Kamloops the beautiful city that it once was. He has a vision, and what's wrong with him being a car salesman? Do (others) think that makes them better?

The naysayers are like kids in elementary school who bully, then run and hide, or like dogs that bark and bark and when they are challenged, run away with their tail between their legs. Most of the negative posters (on social media) don't even use their real names, but pseudonyms instead. Are they afraid of a challenge?

From the outside looking in, the real bullies are the current councillors and city managers. Let the mayor do his job like he fully envisioned, cleaning up Kamloops. What in the world makes them not want that to happen?

I lived in Kamloops for 18 years and all my children were born and raised here. It was a great place to live and downtown was the hub of the city, where I had my office on Victoria Street. I recently visited Kamloops and to be honest, I was disgusted at what I saw. There were drug addicts everywhere and homeless people begging at every street corner, not only downtown but in Sahali, and the Northshore.

This isn't something that happened overnight. The city councillors who brag about being on council for more than the current term haven't made any progress towards cleaning up the city. What have they accomplished? Not much from what I see, with the constant bickering about any new ideas put forth by Hamer-Jackson to implement changes. They are bashed by all the councillors. Stop the whining and bullying and work together as a team to accomplish the goals that the mayor set out to make (things) happen during his term.

I agree with some of the residents who say they are ashamed about what is happening at city hall. They should be, but not embarrassed by the mayor. He's trying his best to move the city forward and make it a safe and beautiful city for all. The ones who should be embarrassed are the current city councillors, city managers and the rest of the bullies making ridiculous comments on social media.

Let the mayor do the job he set out to do and Kamloops will prosper.

Jim Jesson

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