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Re. On demand with BC Transit (Castanet, April 18)

For me, it’s daja vu all over again.

Many residents probably think, “Gee, how innovative.” But is it?

I lived in Regina in the 1970s. Regina Transit had an innovative rider program at that time. It was called Telebus.

Similarly to On Demand, one could call Regina Transit to order a bus for pick up. Perhaps the difference is Telebus pick up took us to a central bus staging area behind the Golden Mile Mall. We could get off and proceed to the bigger bus going to where we wanted to go, like downtown.

I used Telebus for years to get to work downtown. It was very convenient—buy a monthly pass and you were good to go. Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia theservice ended in the early 1980s because of its high cost.

My kids also loved Telebus. I think everybody who used public transit loved Telebus, but budgets and profit motive killed it.

Hopefully On Demand will be more successful.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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