Fire hydrant concern

There are concerning potential wildfire hazards in West Kelowna.

My family lives on a cul-de-sac in West Kelowna, which is immediately above Kalamoir Park. It has been brought to our attention that the fire hydrants on and around the street are not up to municipal standard, as they have an insufficient flow rate.

The City of West Kelowna is aware of the deficiencies but has failed to put the watermain upgrades in this area into its capital plan, which is quite shocking, considering what the city has gone through with wildfires.

If a fire broke out in Kalamoir Park, those hydrants would be the first line of defence for the neighbourhood, and not having appropriate waterflows risks the loss of life and home for those who live in the area.

During last year’s wildfires, the mayor of Lake Country specifically credited recent upgrades to (that municipality’s) system and resulting higher flow rates as the reason Lake Country was able to contain the wildfires and save lives.

It is incumbent upon the City of West Kelowna to take immediate action to address this issue and I trust it will do so.

Charly Leach

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