Don't eliminate tax credits

Open letter to B.C. Finance Minister Katrine Conroy, Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation Minister Brenda Bailey, Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport Minister Lana Popham and MLA Bob D’Eith, parliamentry secretary for arts and film

Re: Recent budget announcement related to regional and distant location tax credits

I am writing to you because I’m a recent 2D animation graduate of the Centre for Arts and Technology, living in the Okanagan Valley.

I heard (the government) is canceling the regional and distant location tax credits, and its sort of a shock. I spent $27,000 on animation school and was excited about a future in the animation industry. I dreamed about being a professional animator for years and now it seems my dreams are never going to materialize.

Kelowna’s not just where I work, it’s the place I call home. The Okanagan needs those tax credits, or the animation industry will be in trouble. Schools, studios and digital artists careers are all in jeopardy. Your (government's) decision is going to affect so many people's lives in the Okanagan and beyond, both directly and indirectly.

I understand you want to help remote workers across B.C., but killing these tax credits is going to hurt local animation studios, and digital artists will be affected by being unable to locate employment. (Eliminating) those credits is like pulling the rug out from under us.

Please think about what this means for us. We need those credits to keep our animation dreams alive.

Please consider reversing this decision.

Emily Gray, Kelowna

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