Spending to win votes

Will the next federal election be the one in which the majority of Canadians figure out that the Trudeau liberal government is borrowing money to buy their votes but it is their children and generations of yet to be born Canadian children who will suffer due to being saddled with more taxes trying to repay this debt?

When Confederation occurred in 1867, Canada had a debt of $75.7 million. Over the next 148 years—and two world wars—Canada’s debt reached $616 billion, This is what the debt was when Justin Trudeau became our prime minister in 2015. Since then—in nine short years— Trudeau’s Liberal government and its reckless spending has doubled that debt to an astounding $1.2 trillion, and he isn’t finished borrowing. This year’s recently announced budget will increase our debt by another $40 billion.

Let that sink in for a minute. It took 148 years to accumulate $616 billion of debt but only nine years to accumulate the next $600 billion of debt! This man actually said once the budget will balance itself and it would appear he still believes it.

Interest charges to service our current debt will be $54 billion this yea and expected revenues for the GST will be $54 billion this year, so every time you make a purchase, the GST collected will do nothing constructive, it will only cover the country’s debt interest.

Finance minister Chrystia Freeland said this year’s spending will benefit young Canadians. I’m not sure how saddling them with more debt is the way to achieve that. For the benefit of my grandchildren and future generations, I can only hope that in the next election more Canadians come to realize there is no such thing as “free stuff” from the government, only then will we have a chance to stop this insane spiral of adding to the debt every year.

It’s beyond time for a change of government and, as our provincial NDP government has the same borrow-and-spend, who-cares-about-debt attitude, it wouldn’t hurt for a change provincially either.

I remember when I first voted on election day pubs were closed until the polls closed. This was done so politicians couldn’t go into the bars and buy a round of beer to buy votes. Fast forward to today and now politicians borrow money that taxpayers will have to pay back, in order to buy their votes.

Don’t be duped by this new era vote-buying scam

Guy Bissonnette, Lake Country

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