Taxation complaints

(Prime Minister) Justin (Trudeau) has no idea how to run a country.

Our free market system runs best when folks are allowed to work hard, smart and productively (through incentives) and make a profit. That's the "American Dream" (and it used to apply to Canada it seems, until Trudeau’s Liberals were elected with broken promises).

The profits from free enterprise get reinvested in business and that puts more people to work. There is no problem as long as governments tax businesses and citizens fairly, the rich included.

In summary, allow investors and workers to make profits before penalizing them with unfair taxation. Money doesn't grow on trees—you have to earn it. Governments need to minimize interference, not create it.

However, Trudeau has obscenely overspent money that was not his in the first place. He is bogging down Canadians with so much debt we may never get out from underneath. And now he comes up with more ideas to spend money on incentives for housing, etc. to buy him and the Liberals votes come next election.

Get out of the way, Trudeau and allow free enterprise to do it.

Socialists and communists have a hatred for anyone working hard and prospering. Free enterprise and less indoctrination buys freedom and education. Free thinkers are likely to be more questioning and less compliant, not following the party line. Socialist governments always know whats best—work the people hard, tax them to death and give them back just enough to keep them in survival mode, all for the betterment of the state. Thus, their goals are achieved.

When I was young and a year out of high school and working full-time, I was able to save up enough for a car (cash) from work and thus began the dream of saving for a house and looking forward to owning it outright one day.

Back then, the government did not (take) taxes endlessly from me. Many young folks now have a sense of hopelessness and despair. The answer is not getting a rebate to buy groceries or help pay the electric bill. Rather, it is to allow them to keep cash in their pockets, make them more independent and allow them to make their own way in life.

I think Canadians are finally seeing through the hopelessness of this government after more that eight years.

Come the next election, let your voices be heard and give freedom a chance to prosper again in Canada before it's too late.

Greg Snider, Creston

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