Consider fire emergency

We are near the end of April and there are all kinds of warnings about water shortages due to the non-existent snowpack this year.

It's so much drier but not one level of government is talking about campfire bans and restricting off-road vehicles in the back country.

I know there is a provincial election coming up but would a party rather be remembered for restrictions or for having whole tracts of land and homes burnt?

On the subject government declaring a fire emergency for the province now, and not when it's too late, arsonists under a state of emergency could be held in jail until the summer is over.

If it's a mental illness issue, they could be held in a psychiatric facility for the duration.

B.C. residents are tired of all these human caused fires and the province not attacking those fires right off the bat.

You can't say that is what's happening with the current fires and it sure didn't happen with (last summer’s) McDougall Creek wildfire.

M. Boyer, Kelowna

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