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Re. greg Snider's letter Taxation complaints (Castanet, April 23)

“Socialists and communists have a hatred for anyone working hard and prospering. Free enterprise and less indoctrination buys freedom and education. Free thinkers are likely to be more questioning and less compliant, not following the party line. Socialist governments always know whats best—work the people hard, tax them to death and give them back just enough to keep them in survival mode, all for the betterment of the state. Thus, their goals are achieved.”

That is the problem with the world. We have people stuck in the past and not looking for solutions to our problems.

Those issues have been snowballing out of control for the last 100 years. We have capitalism, which has turned into a massive failure of greed and inequality. Like anything good, it can be easily corrupted and turned into something it isn’t.

That exact same thing happened to communism and socialism. It was implemented in a time of rapid growth and rapid changes in political systems. All those systems became corrupted under failed leadership and those looking to mold it into their own vision.

To keep pointing the finger and saying, “this is the fault of (insert whatever political philosophy)” isn’t helping the world move towards a solution. Instead, it stifles it. Now we have groups on the left and right pointing fingers, accusing each other of the failures that have never been addressed and instead, allowed to fester.

There is so much more we could do to better ourselves and society. We allow ourselves to get stuck in the past and never move forward, always blaming others for the failings of generation after generation.

As a socialist, all I want to see is a world full of opportunities and no barriers to people becoming successful and productive members of society. As a socialist, I don’t want a handout but rather a hand up. Give people the opportunities to better themselves.

There is so much more I want to say, but sadly this letter will fall on many deaf ears. There are people who want to be stuck in the past, but I want to move towards a future of hope and opportunities, one where we can have discussions that will further enlighten us and not drag us back to what was happening here in 2024.

We must work together, not be divided and stuck in the past. Open your eyes and see the world

Justin Serhan

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