Questions foreign aid

The new (federal) budget is sending billions of dollars to Ukraine for its military and I read more than 600 million pound are being sent by the U.K.

I get it, Ukraine is struggling and needs help but isn't $4-plus billion excessive?

Can you imagine the rehab centres and the housing that could buy for Canadians? I just don't get it. There is more money going to Ukraine than to housing or senior programs.

How many other countries are sending them money too? I am all for showing support and helping Ukraine, but why are we putting the needs of other countries before our own? Our country is falling apart, is plagued by an opioid crisis and and by homelessness but let's send all our "extra" money to other countries.

Is Ukraine paying us back with interest? How can it afford to? My government is hounding me to return $3,000 in CERB payments I can't afford to pay back because I have to pay $3,500 a month for rent, but it is just giving billions of dollars away?

When is our country going to look out for us? I used to think voting was the way to make a change. Now I don't even think voting is real anymore. The government just does it for show, because it does what it wants with our money.

I pay more than $1,700 a month in taxes and my government doesn't ask me what I would like to see happen with it. It just keep taking my money and demanding more and then gives it away like it grows on trees

Something is wrong with this picture.

Jazmin Simpson

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