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Re. Frank Martens letter Supports protesters (Castanet, May 10)

In Canada we are very fortunate. We have the ability to protest. How lucky we are, being able to voice our discontent.

I'm an old person I guess, I'll be 60 years of age next year. What I disagree with (when it comes to) the current protestors, is that they attack other Canadians because of who they are. Let's not forget, not all people of the Jewish faith support Israel.

The other thing is, even if people support Israel, that's their right. It’s no different than the educated university students supporting Hamas. Hamas the organization Canada and the U.S. consider a terrorist group.

I think the writer is unaware that old people actually understand. Many went through similar situations in other parts of the world. If we want to be honest, you don't need to look at the Middle East, take a good look in Canada. To this day, Indigenous, Metis and Inuit people are still living with the the consequences of what the British did.

However, in the case of Canada, the young educated students in universities don't set up camps to protest for the original people of Turtle Island. I didn't see any on “Red Dress” day. They must have been too busy on their cell phones, telling UBC to divest.

That's another thing I don't understand. They should argue UBC must return the money to its donors who are Jewish.

I supported the Palestinian Liberation Organization as a young woman. I stopped when I read (it late chairman)Yasser Arafat denied the existence of ancient Jewish settlement in the area of Samaria and Judea.

This old woman (me) loves to read history. I lived in a Catholic school. The only thing the nuns allowed me to read was the Bible. In the book of Chronicles, I read King Solomon's Temple was made with cedar and cypress timber from Lebanon.

Later on, I learned there was an earthquake in 1927 and it damaged the Al Aqsa mosque. That was during the period of the British mandate. Strangely enough, during reconstruction they discovered beams made of Cypress and Cedar, as well as byzantine mosaics.

After reading about the findings by the archeologist, I disagreed with Arafat, who said they were pieces of rocks.

It helped me understand the Jewish yearning for Israel. It was written and spoken by them for centuries in their holy books. That was long before there was a British Mandate or an Ottoman Empire.

Also, let's not ignore there were Jews living in the area. In the 1980s, I became friends with an elderly man. His name was Musa. He told me he sold his land to a Jewish family. That's how he had money to emigrate. I asked him why did he said he was Turkish if he was born in what is now Israel? He told me that's what it said in his passport.

Did you know it was the Roman Emperor Hadrian who changed the name Judea to Syria Palestina? He wanted to erase Jews from those settlements.

That is why I disagree when folks claim Jews are conquerors of the area. In truth, they were pushed out and persecuted no matter where they went.

We can twist history to fit our views, but we still have ancients texts and archaeological ruins that show us otherwise. The current conflict, is another dispute out of many over the decades. It must be very hard when people grow up hating each other. The terrible loss of life at this moment, is painful to see and hear about.

One of the things I don't hear however, is how Hamas fighters use children as shields, I saw it on a 60 Minutes episode and on YouTube years ago. Both sides have had losses, both sides have rockets too. We don't hear what Hamas did to the young (Jewish) women they murdered. We also don't hear the media telling us how those women suffered, were dehumanized and mutilated before they were killed.

We are free to pick sides and say we are the righteous ones. Personally, I no longer feel that way because we can read their history and see.

What I believe though is people have to stop harassing and intimidating other Canadians.

L. Busch

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