Keep alcohol out of parks

Alcohol in Kelowna parks. Why?

There are places in Kelowna called bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. So why do people need to drink in public parks around children? Who is going to enforce the many restricted areas, such as near playgrounds or near the water? The RCMP? It’s officers are busy enough.

How many people are going to drink all day and then drive home drunk?I guess it's not possible for people to go to a park, a theater or a sporting event without drinking. I admit, I am not a drinker but somehow I still manage to enjoy our city's parks, our beautiful waterfront, attend Kelowna Rockets hockey games, the annual (Kelowna) Father's Day car show or whatever our city has to offer.

Most people drink responsibly, but too many do not and opening up areas to allow more alcohol consumption is asking for trouble.

There are already enough drug problems with drug addicts in Kelowna, why add one more.

A Mullins

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