So no to project's variances

Open letter to Penticton mayor and councillors

I have been advised that the (developer of the) proposed building on the corner of Veteran's Way and Front Street has asked for variances regarding both height and parking. Please say no to these requested variances.

Five storeys is too tall for such a large building on a small site with no green area setbacks.

Parking variances are also unnecessary, dictating what people can afford to drive.

The information sheet that was sent out states "mixed use." Does that refer to low- and high-rent apartments or just retail on the street level?

The picture of "The New Slacks" shows brick and big windows on street level. I am sure the developer and architect can do better than a few bricks to integrate with and honour the historic area of colourful, historic Front Street.

The opportunity exists to erect a one-of-a-kind “showstopper,” a gorgeous apartment building in sync with Front Street, the kind of building people will be proud to call home—123 historic Front Street.

Jeanette Beaven, Penticton

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