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I’m a “kind-of” a non-believer in climate change but I'm starting to feel, those who are against the whole climate change narrative are also against looking after our world. Is it an excuse to be lazy?

Humans not climate change are to blame for seals, turtles, dolphins etc being caught up, strangled, eating and dying from plastic.

Are our streams and rivers polluted by climate change? No, not really. Let’s try herbicides, pesticides and extinction of certain species. As well as industries disposing of waste in, or close to, rivers.

How about just simple recycling. I've heard some of it is a farce. But it is so easy to use less and put less glass in our landfills.

We could try to use less plastic, which doesn't decompose. It's so easy to take a cloth bag (which is stronger than plastic) when shopping. While we're talking about grocery stores, do bananas need to go in a plastic bag? Does that heavy milk jig (with a handle) need to go in a weak plastic bag?

I have to mention wildlife. It is losing habitat at an alarming pace, whether it be from logging, subdivisions, backcountry use or wildfires. Many bears are killed because they are starving and become attracted to garbage. They are killed to adorn someones wall or just for sport.

Cities are polluted with exhaust fumes. I'm sure electric cars could help with that, but there are pros and cons. The biggest con is their batteries. Has anybody thought about how they are made, the billions needed and the abuse to certain Third World countries extracting the necessary components?

Then we need more electricity. How are we going to get that electricity? I’ve heard we'll need coal, nuclear energy, natural gas, petroleum etc.

I love my gas-guzzling truck. In my defence, I don't have to commute to work or travel far (just the odd trip to Utah) and it is my "mid-life" crisis vehicle. But it is very useful for a truck load of dirt for my organic garden and the bees, transporting my bike, for driving on the backcountry and logging roads and chucking a bed in there for camping. Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them.

As for those “stinky” cows, maybe we could eat a little less. I am an animal activist, and I've been criticized for loving animals more than humans.That's a close truthful assumption.

I'm not advertising being a vegan—I'm part time vegetarian—but when I do eat meat, I try hard to buy meat of cows that had had a “happy” life. I know it's more expensive but it's worth it once every couple of weeks. My mum taught me when I was young "everything in moderation".

What inspired me to send this letter was a letter I read and agree with. The writer could come up with all the facts and figures much better than me.

Climate is changing, it always will, whether we like it or not. Whether we are at fault or not, we can just live with it or deal with it better. We can't stop (climate change).

Fiona Coupland, Okanagan Falls

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