Offended by boomer blame

Re. James Carter's letter ‘Boomers’ are to blame (Castanet, May 17)

I take super offence to (the writer) bashing us "boomers".

I started working when I was 15 year’s of age and still in high school. I held down three part time jobs, kept my grades up, crashed in hippie pads because that's what we did back then. We looked after each other. I slept on a couch for years, sometimes more than 10 people slept on the floor—me too when needed—and often went hungry. I saved up and got a degree in law, paid off my five-figure school loan and, yes, most often worked 60-plus hours a week, built my home on Okanagan Lake when I was 28 and took me 35 years to pay it off.

This three-bedroom, three-washroom beautiful home, is one I will never sell. I earned it. I often paid 21% in (mortgage) interest rates.

Finally, after working hard for 53 years, I have made a very comfortable life for myself after paying millions in tax dollars. I never inherited a penny.

My advice for the writer is to dig in hard, roll up his sleeves and make an effort to get ahead. He’ll need to give up a lot. Trust me, he can do it too but it ain't easy.

I’m 71 now and retired when I was 68. It’s hard work and please, never bash us "boomers" again. Let's see what he’s made of.

Debbie Boyne, Vernon

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