Agrees 'boomers' to blame

Re. Baby boomers' contribution to the current state of affairs in Canada.

Baby Boomers did a lot to establish post-war society. In expansionist economies that is quite easy. They took that opportunity and did well for themselves. Nobody should criticize that.

As boomers held most positions of power in both public and private sectors during the last two or three decades, they also have to take responsibility for their awful neglect of our communities, education systems, transport, trade, crime and security and healthcare. They abandoned their responsibilities and let the creeping neglect and deterioration of services and civic standards progress and fester.

Now Gen Xers and Ys have to step in to repair the vast damage and, to be frank, most of it is irreversible. Many aren't prepared, having been held back by boomers extending their work career to improve their pension situations. Ageing boomers clogged up the workforce and prevented natural growth and development. Companies had "dead men's shoes" cultures for years.

I don't see boomers generally accepting how much harder it is for youth today to get ahead, or even make anything of their lives. The odds are stacked against them—post COVID inflation, the cost of living, cost of shelter, lack of high value employment, interest rates, a mental health crisis, spiralling crime on a local level and insecurity on a global scale.

I am not Gen Y or a Millennial, but I understand their dilemma and find it easy and lazy to criticize them. They have been set up to fail. All government can offer them is handouts, medical Assistance in Dying and promises of some future work-free “woke” utopia. They have their faults but every generation does.

Boomers, look at the world around you and the awful state of Canada is in right now. Who was at the helm to oversee that failure? Boomers.

Take the good with the bad, the successes and the failures. Own what you have created.

Ricky Daytona, West Kelowna

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