'Appalled' by poll vote

Re. Poll: “Should Canadian citizens born outside of Canada be able to pass on citizenship to children born outside of the country? (Castanet, May 23)

I was appalled at the results of the poll. What were people thinking when they ticked the “No” box?

Let me make this personal. My great great grandparents arrived in Canada from the U.K. in the mid-1800s and all subsequent generations continued to live here. In the mid 1980s, my Canadian citizen husband and I were moved to the U.K. by one of the big oil companies and spent the better part of two decades there before returning to Canada (Kelowna).

We returned with three children—one born in Toronto before we left and two born in the U.K. When we returned, the U.K.-born children were still in elementary and secondary school. They have been in Canada since then.

Prior to the recent legislation (which readers find so repugnant), two of my children would have been unable to work outside the country in their child-bearing years as there would be no path for any foreign born children to return to Canada as Canadian citizens.

This legislation means my children have the same rights as those whose parents never worked outside the country. This legislation affects thousands of children born when their Canadian parents were working overseas.

Will there be a response from Castanet readers suggesting Canadians should never work outside Canada in their child bearing years?

Barbara Bailey

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