Unaware of party's policies

Does anyone know what BC United actually stands for?

I certainly don’t and I follow politics quite closely. Over the past several years, BC United has been a hapless Opposition. The only MLA from BC United I actually like is (Kelowna-Mission’s) Rene Merrified but she’s getting out of politics. And, frankly, I still wouldn’t vote for her because she’s a member of BC United.

The B.C. Conservatives on the other hand are quite clear with their positions. For example, (they say they will) axe the carbon tax, ban SOGI from schools, ban “safe supply” (drugs), balance the budget and reduce crime. I support all these initiatives 100% and frankly it’s about time we had some common sense in our province.

I’m absolutely thrilled (B.C. Conservatives Leader) John Rustad refused a merger (with BC United). The B.C. Conservatives stand for change, common sense and responsible governance. The last thing they need is to “poison the well” with BC United Leader Kevin Falcon.

I predict a B.C. Conservative majority government, while BC United will be wiped out.

Matt Irnie, Kelowna

(Editor’s note: BC United has existed for just over a year. Prior to that, its was the B.C. Liberals.)

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