Osoyoos still trying to make utilities a priority

Local utilities expanding

Osoyoos Town Council is moving another step towards further placing utilities as a priority in the midst of continuing muddied optics around water and wastewater infrastructure.

During their meeting on May 23, council passed first, second, and third readings to move that the town’s bylaw adds utility services to “general use” in all zones.

“The town’s current Zoning Bylaw does not specifically state that utility services are an allowable use in all zones,” Gina MacKay, Director of Planning and Development said in her report to council.

During the meeting, MacKay further explained that having utilities allowable in all zones is already codified in other municipalities, such as in Penticton or Summerland.

The need to change and construct new infrastructure is ongoing, as the report notes. This bylaw change would be beneficial in “having the ability to place new or relocated existing infrastructure within any land use zone.”

The stated implications are Osoyoos will benefit from increased opportunities to provide utilities, and this will encourage improvements to existing facilities or expand opportunities for additional public utility spaces, giving them more latitude to have utilities in all zones.

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