Nanaimo Hall Update

Some changes are in store for Nanaimo Square in Penticton.

On Tuesday city council voted in favour of building a fountain in the square beside Nanaimo Square.

Mayor Jake Kimberley says the addition of a fountain was an idea of the previous council.

“At the time there were no dollars available to do it, but it was part of the initial upgrade project,” says Kimberley.

The recommendation to build a fountain has now gone to tender and Kimberley estimates it will cost about $70,000.

Meanwhile, organizations using the facility of Nanaimo Hall have been given an extension before they have to find other accommodation due to safety concerns. Groups such as the Royal Canadian Army and Air Cadets and the Scottish Cultural Club have to find new locations to hold their meetings.

Kimberley says that the groups can continue to use the hall until the end of December, with a couple of exceptions.

“Part of the understanding given by council is that in the event of a rain storm the property will be vacated because of the safety concerns,” says Kimberley.

He says the building's roof can leak during rain, causing flooding inside, which is part of the reason the building is set to be demolished sometime next year.

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