Liquor Licenses

Two establishments in downtown Penticton are looking to expand their liquor licenses.

The Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans of Canada Branch 97 is hoping council will approve a permanent change to its license which in turn will allow them to increase their operating hours. Located on Brunswick Street, they are currently open from 10 am to 10 pm Monday to Thursday and 10 am to 11 pm Friday and Saturday. They are hoping to remain open from 9 am to 1 am Monday through Saturday.

Council supported the application on Tuesday's meeting, but wants issues such as patron-generated noise and fire department codes addressed should they decide to serve breakfast.

Also seeking an amendment to its liquor license is the Lake City Casino. They are hoping to expand their liquor area to include an 18-square-metre patio used by smokers. The patio was allegedly included in the original liquor license, but was accidentally omitted from the architectural drawings.

The casino says there will be no occupant load increase. Both amendments will be discussed at the next city council meeting on August 21.

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