Raging Grannies

The workers of Green Wood Forest Products have a new ally in their lockout battle.

The Penticton Raging Grannies are lending their support to the men and women as they enter their 26th day of a forced strike. Armed with homemade cookies and songs, the grannies came by the picket line on Thursday afternoon.

Granny Sue says they are out to show support.

“I think they have been treated unfairly. A lot of people have given a lot of years to this company and I think they deserve more respect,” says Sue.

She says the grannies support anything that they feel they can have a voice in supporting.

“We're grannies, we want to see a clean, safe, fair world for our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren to grow up in,” says Sue.

General labourer and union chairman Jim Shemilt says he appreciates the show of support by the grannies.

“It's always a treat to see them, it helps the guys to see them here,” says Shemilt.

A mediator has been called in for Monday morning to meet with both sides. After that, it depends on what the company says, says Shemilt.

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