Company Moving

Penticton's loss is Summerland's gain.

Katana, a fiberglass boat manufacturing company based in Penticton is in the process of relocating to Summerland. They say that a lack of space is the reason they need to move as they are currently operating at full capacity and are unable to expand in its location.

The new building is under construction in the James Lake Industrial Area of Summerland and will cover 2,700 square feet once the first phase is finished.

The company says they will need 35 workers by the end of the year, and more in the future. However, a shortage of skilled local fiberglass workers may mean some of the jobs will be filled by people from outside the area.

The company makes boats and wakeboards and has been hired to build hybrid vehicles for a California-based company. The new building is expected to be finished by early September.

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