Romp Is Back

Romp is coming home.

A three-piece bronze statue titled 'Romp' is in the process of being reinstalled at the edge of Okanagan Lake.

The statues are of three children playing on the rocks of the lake and two of the pieces were vandalized in 2004, forcing the whole group to be removed for repairs. They were sent to a bronze specialty shop in Kelowna.

City officials are hoping that two factors will prevent vandals from striking again. One: security cameras have been installed and two: the greater public traffic in the area since the completion of the nearby Japanese Gardens.

Work crews say they have to drill several more holes into the rocks where the statues will be placed and it will take at least one more day before installation is complete.

The Romp is valued at $48,000 and was created by Merritt artist Fahcheong Chong in 2002.

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