OK Falls Sewer Plant

Okanagan Falls residents could be getting a new sewer facility.

Over 35 people attended a meeting Wednesday at the OK Falls school recreation centre to discuss the future of a new sewer facility for the area.

Area Director, Bill Schwarz, says residents have been very patient waiting for a new facility to be built.

“We were told back in the late 90's that the plant was operating at capacity, and that has started to effect development in OK Falls. It is also effecting the quality of life for residents of Cider Village because the plant sits right against the edge of the village, so odor is becoming a problem in that area,” says Schwarz.

He says the RDOS is in the process of applying for federal and provincial grant money to get started on the construction.

“The deadline for the application is the end of this month, after that it will take until about April or May before we know if we are getting the grant money,” says Schwarz.

He says the RDOS is hoping to receive two thirds of the estimated $6 million needed to build a larger sewer treatment plant.

Schwarz says construction could start in 2008.

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