A new housing development with a focus on recovery proposed for Skaha Lake Road

Recovery focused housing

The Ooknakane Friendship Centre and ASK Wellness Society are partnering on a proposed housing project planned for Skaha Lake Road.

The project, would allow participants to focus on recovery, while providing a connection to Indigenous supports.

The development is known as Nx?astwilxtn, a Sylix word which, in the English language means “a place to come for healing and wellness” or “a place where I came to feel good.”

A news release indicates the project will feature about 50 units designed for people experiencing or are at risk of experiencing homelessness and, at the same time, are seeking support for treatment and recovery while acknowledging their need for healthier alternatives.

Participants would also be required to sign a program agreement committing to ongoing recovery, including abstaining from on-site substance use.

"ASK will operate the building, in partnership with OFC, with the aim to support, strengthen and guide residents as they work towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle," the news release states.

"Through this partnership, culturally appropriate programming will be available for all residents to help them in their recovery through spiritual and cultural reconnection."

The project still requires city approval. If granted, kit's hoped construction at 3240 Skaha Lake Road would begin later this spring with an anticipated opening of early 2022.

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