Bizarre incident in Princeton sees man found with zero blood alcohol content, but pint of open beer in console

Fine for not driving drunk

A bad driver with a glass of beer in his console but no alcohol in his blood has been fined $230 after a bizarre Princeton incident.

On Nov. 22 at approximately 4 p.m., a BC Conservation Officer was driving southbound on Princeton Summerland Road at the Jura area, a 90-degree corner, when an oncoming pickup came at him on his side of the road.

The CO had to swerve and put two wheels in the ditch. He promptly performed a U-turn and stopped the vehicle.

He asked the driver if he had any liquor, and the man pointed to a glass pint of beer in the cup holder.

After being taken to the Princeton RCMP detachment, he provided a breath sample that showed he had not been drinking.

"He did the right thing and hadn't drank any any of it by all indications, but he also did not do the right thing by having a glass of beer in his cup holder," said local detachment commander Sgt. Rob Hughes.

"Very bizarre."

The man was fined $230 under the Liquor Control Licensing Act for having open alcohol in his vehicle.

Hughes would like to remind the public that drinking and driving, which may not have happened in this case but ostensibly seems to have been the plan, is dangerous and unacceptable.

"Drinking and driving absolutely causes loss of life. So, a plea to this and every community across the country: Please don't."

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