Summerland museum shares a look back at a domestic science class in 1919

Classroom snapshot in 1919

A Pro-D Day camp visit that the Summerland Museum & Archives Society held on Monday led to some inspiration for a peek into Summerland's classrooms from over a century ago.

According to the museum, the photograph is of a domestic science class that was taken in 1919. The girls appear to be doing needlework.

"At the back can be seen Principal S.A. MacDonald and the teacher believed to be either Miss Oliver or Miss Anderson. It was this long-serving principal whom the MacDonald school would later be named after," the museum shared.

The museum shared the names of the students as well, in the front row is seen: Phyllis Cline, Rene Harris, Nora Thompson, Amy Smith; Back row: Needa Cline, Margie Munn, Isabel Hogg, Eva Johnson, Lillian Darke.

"This schoolroom was part of the High School's domestic and science building which was situated next to the four room High School."

This school was in operation until 1951, after which it was torn down.

The Summerland Museum & Archives Society shares photos and information from their archives every week for throwback Thursday on their social media, which can be found online here.

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