Penticton woman captures 'neat looking" ice circles on Skaha Lake

Rare ice circles on lake

A longtime Penticton resident was thrilled to spot unique, rare ice formations on Skaha Lake Wednesday, which she has only seen a few times in the decades she has lived in the city.

Judy Lloyd has lived on the north end of Skaha Lake for four decades. She noticed discs of ice had formed Wednesday morning, something she does not normally see.

"It's quite, quite unusual. And it's only when it breaks up from the rest of the lake. And all of the ice starts forming down at this end. And when it gets pushed down here with the wind, for some reason that occasionally goes into these circles," Lloyd said.

She took a photo and sent it to Castanet, wanting to share the phenomenon with as many people as possible.

"They're really quite neat looking."

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