On the Street: thoughts on completing Penticton's lake-to-lake bike route

Yay or nay for bike lane?

Casey Richardson

After a Penticton City Councillor mistakenly voted to shoot down the completion of the lake-to-lake bike lane for this year, council revoted and passed keeping the final leg in the 2023 budget on Thursday.

The long-controversial lake-to-lake bike route is currently three-quarters of the way completed, with the section from Galt Avenue to Skaha Lake Road left. The community has been vocal about their disapproval or favour towards the project, which has been partially funded through grants.

To date, the municipality has received $3.45 million in outside funding through the provincial and federal governments. The project is estimated to cost $8 million overall.

The B.C. Active Transportation Infrastructure Grant awarded the city $500,000 towards the project in February.

While a referendum vote was never held on the bike route, the City of Penticton did extensive public consultation.

So Castanet hit the streets to ask residents how they felt about the possibility of the bike lanes being completed?

City councillors urged community members to find peace on this matter, now that the bike lane is nearing completion.

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