'Dad's in the lake. We gotta go.': Family of South Okanagan senior finding humour after lake rescue

Grateful for Dad's rescue

An elderly man rescued after driving into Skaha Lake this week is in great spirits, and his family are seizing the chance to poke loving fun at their beloved Dad.

Ron, who is turning 90 later this month, seemingly missed a turn on Eastside Road south of Penticton on Tuesday.

He ended up in the lake, and a group of witnesses jumped in the water to help get him out.

His daughter Jennifer received a call from him right when the incident happened.

"All I heard him say was, 'Oh, no, well, now what am I going to do? The windows won't open.' And, I looked at my husband I said 'Dad's in the lake. We gotta go,'" Jennifer said.

Jennifer said Ron is well known in the area of Heritage Hills for his humour and kindness, and neighbours quickly sprang to action, so that by the time she arrived, he had already been pulled out of the water.

While she is looking at the situation with humour now, Jennifer is also deeply grateful to everyone who helped. She went around dropping off gift certificates and boxes of chocolates for all the neighbours who they were aware of that had dropped everything to get in the lake and help her Dad.

"The gift certificates are so they can go buy new shoes," she said, with a laugh.

Jennifer added that it is "heartwarming" to be part of a community that helps each other out.

As for Ron, his unexpected swim is going to be immortalized in the family home.

"We have a wall in the room that goes up to our pool, and it's pictures of my husband and myself and our kids all over the years related to water, water skiing and wakeboarding and being at the beach and I thought 'We don't have a picture of grandpa with water,'" Jennifer said.

"So I thought, 'Oh my god, this would be awesome.' Blow it up and frame it as grandpa's water picture on the family water wall."

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