Summerland Museum raising funds through online Spring Cleaning Auction full of antique items

Museum auctions antiques

Looking for some unique collectable and antiques? Check out the Summerland Museum and Archives Society's (SMAS) Spring Cleaning Auction.

Offering a wide selection of antique items for sale, everything offered in the auction are de-accessioned collections items that have been removed from their permanent collection over the last few years as part of their re-organization and backlog projects.

This including tools, housewares, and collectibles.

"The goal of these projects is better management and safer storage of our vast collections," the museum said.

"The items selected for de-accessioning underwent a rigorous research process by our staff before being formally de-accessioned."

Criteria for de-accessioning includes: lack of provenance, lack of local connection, being a duplicate of lesser value, or requiring space and care beyond what the SMAS is able to provide, among other factors.

While the museum said transfer to other institutions is generally their preferred method of disposal as it keeps items in the public sphere, when they are unable to transfer items to other museums or heritage organizations, another option for disposal is to sell them for fundraising in support of the Museum’s Permanent Collections.

As a rule, SMAS staff, Board Members, and their families are not allowed to bid on, purchase, or otherwise acquire de-accessioned collections items, they added.

In the current auction, they have over 40 items that to rehome with someone who will appreciate them.

Funds raised from this effort will go towards vital archival and preservation needs in the for the museum.

Bids need to be in before 5 p.m. on Friday, May 24. The auction can be found online here.

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