Penticton wants Jackson tribute show

A Penticton city councillor is banking on a Thriller of a show.

Former Penticton Mayor Mike Pearce says he and a core group of committee members are trying to put together a Michael Jackson tribute show, similar to the Elvis tribute show held annually in the Okanagan.

Pearce says as a political committee member for the South Okanagan Events Centre, he knows the centre is looking for revenue in the venue's off-season.

"And there I was watching TV one night, watching Michael Jackson young and healthy and performing in Bucharest, and some of the women were swooning and fainting, and I thought, 'We've got to put something together like this.'"

Pearce was on the committee that helped put together the Elvis tribute show, and thinks they can pull off something similar for Michael Jackson - if they can find the tribute artists.

"We're having trouble finding a core group, a big group of tribute artists, probably because he's just died," says Pearce.

Other obstacles include contacting Jackson's estate to negotiate a deal for the rights to use Jackson's name. "If that costs too much, that might be a challenge, but we'd like to try it and see."

Other options include bringing Michael's sister, Janet, to the Okanagan to perform and to bring a LiveNation show called King of Pop to the Valley during the festival.

"We'll meet again in about four or five weeks once some of these obstacles have been cleared," says Pearce.

Pearce says he hopes to have the show ready for next summer, but says it's more likely it will happen in the summer of 2011.

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