Penticton dignitaries remember

On a day where we commemorate those who served and continue to serve our country, local dignitaries share their thoughts on Remembrance Day.

"We have to think about the veterans who were in the First World War and the Second Word War," says Penticton-Okanagan Valley MLA Bill Barisoff.

"I think it's something that, slowly but surely, we're losing more and more of our veterans and we want to make sure that we don't ever forget the freedom that we've got in Canada and British Columbia because of the men and women that gave their lives and the others that were fortunate to come back."

Penticton Mayor Dan Ashton says this is a significant day for him because he has family members who were in the war.

"I come from a family of returned men, of people who fought in wars and it was always instilled in me as a young person that November 11 is a very, very important day and deserves the recognition for those who gave their lives for our country.

"Both grandfathers and my father were involved in the service. It's a family affair."

Ashton's grandfathers fought in World War I and his father fought in World War II.

Ashton says this Remembrance Day hits close to home with the passing of Capt. Jonathon Snyder last year.

"Our thoughts and hearts go out to not only the families that lost loved ones during the First, Second and Korean war, but also to the Snyder family who had an horrific loss in Afghanistan."

Snyder died west of Kandahar last June after falling into an open well.

Summerland Mayor Janice Perrino also had some family ties to World War II.

"My dad was a veteran, as well as a member of the Air Force, and so we never missed a November the eleventh, never. It was very special to him and right to the day he died he made sure he was there for all the services. It's an important part of our family celebration."

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