Should quarantine restrictions be lifted for those who travel to the U.S. to get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Poll: trips south for the jab

Canadians banking on COVID-19 vaccine generosity from their southern neighbours may have to wait a little longer.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the finer details are still being ironed out regarding efforts that would see mandatory quarantining waived for Canadians returning home from getting their jabs across the borders.

“Conversations are still very much ongoing around waiving quarantine requirements. That’s something that I think all Canadians have a little concern around,” he said during a Friday briefing, while acknowledging that workers such as truck drivers have not required mandatory quarantining upon entering the country.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said Thursday teachers in his province would be permitted to travel to North Dakota to receive vaccinations following offers from that state, where vaccine doses are in more abundance.

B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said later that same day she has been “talking to Washington state about potentials” for cross-border vaccination efforts.

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