Younger people now biggest voting block in Canada say experts

Poll: Young voters ignored?

With less than a week to go before the 2021 Federal Election, the three major parties are promising all sorts of incentives to secure the votes of Canadians.

However, when it comes to the futures of millennials and generation Z, some financial experts say the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP could be doing more for these demographics.

Millennials represent the largest generation of Canadians and make up 27 per cent of the population, said Christopher Dewdney, a certified financial planner and principal at Dewdney&Co in Toronto. Despite their size, he said, millennials remain overlooked when it comes to the current election.

“The focus of all the major party platforms is toward their parents, not them,” he said.

While parties will need to consider the budget and ever-increasing debt levels, Dewdney added, younger Canadians should still be a priority.

“This generation is dealing with higher student debt as well as substantially higher cost of living than the [generations] before. All parties should acknowledge this and move towards doing more,” he said.

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