Should there be a public inquiry into Canadian MPs accused of working with those behind foreign interference in Canadian elections?

Poll: MP public inquiry?

Federal opposition parties say a public inquiry into foreign interference must address findings that some MPs "wittingly" participated in meddling.

The House of Commons is set to vote on a Bloc Québécois motion that says the mandate of the inquiry should be expanded.

A parliamentary national security committee included the bombshell allegations in a report on foreign interference last week.

The Liberal government has said it won't release the names of the accused MPs, saying intelligence reports can contain unverified information and it's up to the RCMP to lay charges where appropriate.

The NDP, which has been critical of the government's silence, says it plans to support the Bloc motion.

Conservatives are also adding to the pressure, saying they wrote to the democratic institutions minister and the inquiry's commissioner to ask that the allegations be reported on publicly.

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