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Blink 182 tickets

Attending a Blink 182 concert is the ultimate experience for anyone who grew up in the early 2000s and was a fan of alternative music. Every Blink 182 concert includes a mosh pit, head-banging, and getting the chance to see Travis Barker drum his heart out to "What's My Age Again?" and "All The Small Things."

How To Buy Blink 182 Tickets

As exciting as it is for Blink 182 fans to have the opportunity to see one of the top rock bands of the '90s reemerge on stage and perform their greatest hits, it's proven to be more difficult than expected for most people to get tickets. Blink 182 ticket prices can include fees of up to 30% by some marketplaces. Many customers are also surprised when some sellers charge an additional $10 for mobile delivery fees.

Many people selling Blink 182 tickets do so on classified sites which are unsafe to use, which can be risky for fans who are desperate to see Blink 182 on their world tour. Although many marketplaces can be found when searching for merchants selling Blink 182 tickets, they aren't always based in Canada and are foreign, as most are based in the U.S.

VIP Tickets Canada Provides Blink 182 Fans with Cheap Tickets

VIP Tickets Canada is a premier marketplace that offers cheap Blink 182 tickets, allowing Blink 182's fan base to get great deals to see their favorite bands and save money with tickets on sale. As one of the largest privately-owned ticket marketplace in Canada, it's a great place to book seats for theatre, concerts, and live events throughout the year.

VIP Tickets Canada remains the top place to purchase tickets because of the fast and easy process it offers to consumers. The transparent pricing structure allows users to see the final price of the tickets before heading to checkout without encountering additional hidden fees or surprises. The fees that are added are also a lot lower than other websites, making them more affordable to ensure more fans can look forward to attending their next event.

As a bonus, consumers in Canada don’t have to pay mobile delivery fees to get Blink 182 tickets in their hands before entering the venue or arena. It's no longer a struggle or fight to get tickets to attend a show during the Blink 182 tour, allowing fans to relive their youth and even afford to see the band perform multiple times due to the cheap ticket prices.

VIP Tickets Canada even offers a huge selection of seats, providing consumers with more options to ensure they can get great seats and enjoy an unforgettable experience while seeing Blink 182 perform live. The seats are often also available for a lower price than competitors' websites, making it possible to sit in seats close to the stage to ensure you don't miss out on the action.

Why Blink 182 Tickets are Still in High Demand

Although punk rock bands may be a thing of the past, Blink 182 proves they're still relevant as many of their concerts are selling out. After selling 50 million albums worldwide, they provide fans with a great experience at each show due to their high energy and crazy antics. Their recent resurgence is causing their tickets to sell at a high rate as they plan to spend part of 2023 in destinations that include Nashville, Tijuana, and Chicago. Fans continue to flock to each performance because they don't want to miss out on seeing the band's skills on display during their tour.

After Blink 182 formed in San Diego, California, in 1992, as a trio of three, Blink 182 began performing in Southern California at different venues around the San Diego area. The band originally included Mark Hoppus, Scott Raynor, and Tom DeLonge. They were quickly signed to Cargo Records and released their debut album Cheshire Cat in 1995.

Their success skyrocketed after the release of their new album Enema of the State, which is when they officially became mainstream due to "All the Small Things" and "What's My Age Again?" As Blink 182 continued to make more tunes and albums, they released additional hit songs like "Stay Together for the Kids,” "First Date," and "The Rock Show." Other members who were once part of the band's history after it formed include Matt Skiba and Josh Freese.

In recent years, Blink 182 released a comeback single called "Edging," which features Tom Delonge, causing more people to purchase Blink 182 tickets. On their upcoming tour their opening acts include similar artists like Rise Against, Turnstile, and The Story So Far. The supporting bands will each appear at different parts of the tour.

Those in Canada can look forward to seeing Mark Hoppus and the rest of the band on stage at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, on May 11th and May 15th. The band will also continue their tour to Montreal, Quebec, on May 12th, as well as Vancouver, British Columbia, on June 27th, Edmonton, AB, on June 29th, and Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary. Many of the shows on the Blink 182 tour are already sold out, depending on the week, making it necessary to book tickets to a performance to catch the band performing live in front of large audiences at each venue.

Blink 182 will continue to remain major influences in the punk rock scene after making history due to their unique lyrics and sounds. Followers of the band will likely continue to attend their events and anxiously await the release of their next album and Blink 182 tour.

How Much Are Blink 182 Tickets?

They can cost up to $800 for the best seats. They average $199, but the cheapest seats can cost only $114.

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