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Chase RCMP called out twice to false reports of bodies in South Thompson River

Not bodies in the river

Not once, but twice, Chase RCMP were called out recently to investigate what were believed to be possible bodies in the South Thompson River.

On Oct. 12, police investigated a possible body reported in the river by a fisherman.

A blanket appeared to be wrapped around a human-shaped object under two feet of water, near a sand bar in the middle of the river.

The blanket appeared to be stained with blood, the witness reported.

The river was too low for the RCMP boat, so the complainant volunteered to bring officers to the spot.

"With dread, police waded into the river and began to examine the blanket. What initially appeared to be blood splotches, was in fact, a red floral pattern on a beige background," says Sgt. Barry Kennedy.

"To everyone’s immense relief, the blanket contained nothing but sand and rocks."

Then, on Oct. 20, police received another report of a possible body on the river bank, near Pritchard.

The caller had been driving along the Trans-Canada Highway when he observed something human shaped, covered with birds, says Kennedy.

"Police walked along the river shore for a considerable distance, but found only a human-shaped log with a bunch of birds on it," he says.

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