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Salmon Arm water main upgrades could set the stage for future pedestrian walking paths

Water main upgrades OK'd

Salmon Arm council has directed staff to look for ways to improve pedestrian safety and potentially prepare for a new multi-use path as it approved water main upgrade work on 10 Avenue SE and 30 Street SE.

At a March 11 meeting, council received a report about the water main projects from Robert Neiwenhuizen, director of engineering and public works. Staff recommended council award a contract to D Webb Contracting to complete upgrades.

The report also requested $40,000 in additional funding.

Neiwenhuizen explained why the water main upgrade projects were combined.

“So this particular project on 10 Avenue SE was a water main upgrade, and it was actually tendered out last year, but the tenders all came in over budget so it was held over, carried forward to this year,” Neiwenhuizen said.

“And then also in 2023, we designed another water main project for 30 Street and 20 Avenue. And so we combined the two projects in a tender for this year.”

By combining the projects, the city aims to save money through economies of scale.

D Webb Contracting submitted a bid of $946,540 to upgrade one water main along 10 Avenue SE and another along 30 Street SE at 20 Avenue SE.

In addition to paying the contractor, part of the additional $40,000 requested by city staff will go towards paying for the engineering design work that has been completed.

Staff recommended the additional funding be taken from funds currently allocated to the 97B water main upgrade. This project is expected to be delayed until next year due to BC Hydro transmission work in the area.

Coun. Tim Lavery asked staff to look into improving pedestrian safety on 10 Avenue SE between 30 Avenue and Highway 97B.

“One of the clear and consistent things that we've heard in the past is when we are doing road work stuff, is there an opportunity, and I'm not talking about building a multi-user path, but at least setting in conditions while we're there?” Lavery said.

“My question for you to staff is, is there some work that can be done for preparation of a future multi-user path?”

Lavery said he believes there's some money in reserves for this type of project, and the potential for cost savings if they "bundle" projects.

Jenn Wilson, city engineer, told council that staff was already working on it.

“We actually have asked the engineer on the project to look at what can be done through the construction of this to see if there is potentially an interim option to widen the shoulders or prepare for what is the ultimate condition out there,” Wilson said.

“Staff will have a better answer as to what can happen out here shortly.”

Lavery thanked staff for already anticipating this.

“This is precisely the information that not only this table, but residents need to know, our Spidey senses are out to take advantage of these opportunities when we're doing other work,” Lavery said. “So thank you to staff for that, I'm delighted to hear that response.”

Council unanimously passed a motion to award the water main contract to D Webb, and to approve the additional funding for the project.

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