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Farmer's market coupon program helps more than 105 low income Salmon Arm residents

Coupon program success

More than 105 low income residents were able to access local goods from the Salmon Arm Farmers Market through a nutrition coupon program, according to the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets.

Salmon Arm city council received a letter from the association, informing them about the success of the B.C. farmers' market nutrition coupon program. The letter was discussed at the March 11 regular council meeting.

The letter said the Shuswap Family Centre participated in the program, which provides coupons to lower income pregnant people, families and seniors. The coupons allow them to purchase fresh grocery items directly from farmers at the local farmers market.

Over the course of 2023, the Shuswap Family Centre provided more than 105 lower income Salmon Arm residents with coupons they redeemed at the weekly farmers market for a total value of $44,808.

The market vendors who sold the grocery items were paid through the nutrition coupon program, administered by the provincial ministry of health.

The letter from the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets encouraged council to send a letter of thanks and support to Adrian Dix, the provincial minister of health.

The association added this letter of support could help them secure or expand future funding for the program.

Coun. Debbie Cannon made a motion to send a letter of support.

“When you read the letter, it's pretty impressive, I think it was just over $44,000 in coupons,” Cannon said.

“I saw a similar program quite a few years ago when I was at the farmers market in Nelson, and I thought that's a pretty cool program. So I think sending the letter would be appropriate.”

The motion to send a letter of thanks and to express support for the program was passed unanimously.

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