Thompson Rivers University’s new engineering program offers real-life experience to prepare students for workforce

TRU unveils new program

The innovation and digitization of the workforce have undoubtedly directly impacted how post-secondary students view and approach their university education.

Remaining close to home, especially in regions such as the Interior of British Columbia, used to mean limited opportunities. However, with new and unique programs offered at top educational institutions like Thompson Rivers University (TRU), this is no longer the case.

Now, students have the luxury of choice. They can experience the best of both worlds by receiving a world-class education and relevant real-life experience that prepares them for the workforce while staying in a location they love.

Exciting new programs on the horizon for TRU in 2024

To adapt to the ever-changing industrial landscape, TRU is continuously refining existing curriculums while introducing new, unique programs to equip students with comprehensive learning and applicable skills to set them up for success.

The latest addition to its impressive educational arsenal is the bachelor of engineering in computer engineering, which will be available as of September 2024. The five-year bachelor program is a direct response to the increased demand for engineers in the technology industry. It gives students a clear understanding of theory, as well as transferable skills and knowledge involving hardware and software technologies.

But don’t let the technical façade fool you. Since most technologies these days rely on hardware and software to function, computer engineering offers a strategic jumping-off point to a wide realm of careers ranging from the health-care and telecommunication sectors to developing apps and video games.

The program’s structure is also unique in that it balances factual, theory-based materials with direct, real-world applications and experiences so students are more strategically positioned to enter the workforce.

Additionally, TRU’s smaller class sizes allow students to develop more personal connections with their professors.

“In terms of the significance of computer engineering, anyone who has that skill set will have more job opportunities,” interim academic associate vice-president Faheem Ahmed says. “This discipline appeals to students and stands out in a market with emerging technologies.”

The real-world applications come from the hands-on experience students acquire through the mandatory one-year co-operative placement following the third year of study. This component provides students with insights into key industries while getting paid to learn. It also creates networking opportunities for students prior to graduation.

TRU already offers a bachelor of engineering in software engineering, which focuses on establishing expertise in the software engineering field. With the introduction of the bachelor of engineering in computer engineering, TRU is the only post-secondary institution in B.C.’s Interior to offer both programs.

Pursuing academic excellence in Kamloops

For those lucky enough to call the Thompson-Okanagan and B.C. Interior region home, you’re likely already aware of what a privilege it is to live and play in such a beautiful and picturesque place.

On top of the undeniable natural beauty and access to outdoor activities, Kamloops also offers a significantly lower cost of living compared to larger B.C. cities. For those already living in the region, they can still get the education they want while being near friends, family and other support systems.

TRU offers the ideal compromise by providing top-tier programs that open doors to a wide range of possibilities and opportunities while being close to home.

This combination gives students one ultimate benefit that doesn’t necessarily come from a classroom: choice.

Start your post-secondary journey today. Learn more about the new bachelor of engineering in computer engineering program and others by visiting www.tru.ca.

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