How to recognize six signs of hearing loss to ensure you keep active and engaged

Six signs of hearing loss

Many locals in the Okanagan see one of the first signs of spring in mid-February, when the sagebrush buttercup begins to bloom. But as temperatures warm, the soundscape also comes alive, reconnecting you with the outdoors after a long winter.

You might be looking forward to the birdsongs of the Western Meadowlark and Black-capped chickadees returning to the Okanagan Valley, or the high-frequency click when your golf club hits the ball’s sweet spot.

Perhaps you can't wait for the warmer lakeside strolls and conversations with your beloved, or a catchup with friends over coffee on a bustling sidewalk patio, among many other springtime happenings.

However, if you haven't been mindful of your hearing health, which is crucial to your daily activities and the everyday enjoyment of life, you may be missing out on these gratifying sounds, and more.

As reported by Speech and Hearing BC, more than 10 per cent of British Columbians experience some form of hearing loss. Additionally, they estimate over 12 per cent of B.C. adults have hearing loss that affects their ability to hear conversational speech.

If your untreated hearing loss has you feeling excluded from the things you love, don't worry, there's help in your Okanagan community; HearingLife is at the intersection of great hearing technology and professional hearing care.

"Our commitment to personalized care ensures that every individual can rediscover the richness of sound, fostering a life filled with communication, confidence, and a renewed sense of engagement with the world around them," says Katie Koebel, Audiologist and senior manager of Audiology HearingLife Canada.

With access to the most advanced hearing aid technology, clinical support, and up-to-date diagnostic equipment, HearingLife clinics are staffed by highly trained and certified hearing health-care professionals, who are ready to give you professional care and on-the-spot results.

You can expect tailored solutions and personalized care plans based on your individual needs, including comprehensive hearing assessments and customized fitting of hearing aids.

Six signs you may be experiencing hearing loss

Age-related hearing loss can go undetected for years and can incite a broad scope of challenges, including health issues and social interaction. It’s hard to live fully and confidently when you’re struggling to hear and process the sounds around you.

The signs and symptoms of hearing loss depend on the type, degree, and cause of hearing loss. If you recognize any of these symptoms, HearingLife recommends taking a free in-clinic hearing test.

1. Difficulty following conversations
You struggle to follow conversations involving more than two people or when there’s background noise.

2. People seem to be mumbling
You often ask people to repeat themselves and sounds seem unclear or people sound like they're mumbling.

3. Difficulty locating sounds
You have trouble figuring out where sounds are coming from.

4. Signs of tinnitus
You experience ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears.

5. Turning up the TV volume
Your friends and family say you turn the television up too loud.

6. Phone conversations are unclear
You think it's difficult to hear phone conversations in both quiet and noisy surroundings.

“Our hearing care services and advanced hearing aids offer a transformative solution for individuals experiencing hearing loss, providing not just enhanced auditory experiences but also restoring the joy of meaningful connections and improved overall well-being," says Koebel.

When you visit a local HearingLife clinic, their hearing care professionals will provide you with support every step of the way in your journey to better hearing.

Early testing and intervention can mean you won't lose your all-important relationships with friends and family. And you’ll never miss the idyllic sounds of birds chirping.

With 13 HearingLife clinics in the Okanagan, personalized hearing care is accessible in your neighborhood. Book an appointment online or call 1-888-514-9515.

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