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Oh Baby! Consignment Co. makes kids' clothes shopping easy

Oh Baby! Shop with ease

Quality goods, a relaxed shopping experience and saving money are exactly what you can expect when you shop at Oh Baby! Consignment Co.

Whether you shop online or in the boutique at 1427 Ellis St. in downtown Kelowna, Oh Baby! co-founder Brielle Fahlgren wants moms and dads to enjoy their experience of clothes shopping for their little ones.

“We’re hoping this business can create a sustainable ecosystem for mamas to reduce, reuse and re-love their children’s quality clothing for other little ones to love,” says Fahlgren, who started the business with her mom, Carrie. “Quality, small shop and boutique brands can cost a fortune, but it’s well worth it. They are designed for timeless style and durability to last. The only issue is kids grow way too fast. This is one of the reasons Oh Baby! was created and the main motivation behind this business—to provide a consignment service designed to make parents a good, fair profit from their little ones' outgrown, quality clothing.”

“I dreamt of starting this business because I just love shopping for my little one, but I found something was missing from the children’s clothing stores that are already out there and I wanted to find it—a quality, sustainable, local and pre-loved shopping experience. I wanted a boutique location for the outing and, for baby's nap time, the convenience of a fully integrated online pre-loved shop.”

Fahlgren is one of four children and has a little boy herself, so she and her mom are both well aware of how quickly babies, toddlers and children grow out of their clothes. Oh Baby! allows moms to bring in their clothing and earn some cash that can be put towards the next size. Part of the mission at Oh Baby! is to help the environment, too, by keeping kids’ clothes out of landfills.

Oh Baby! Consignment Co., which offers clothing for newborns to six-year-olds, also features a maternity section since there is an inventory gap on that front in the Okanagan. There is also a section of strictly Lululemon and Artizia consignment clothing for moms to peruse.

“It’s starting to become a really trendy thing,” Fahlgren says of consignment buying and selling. “We’ve seen it. It seems like people are turning to shop that way.”

Fahlgren's mom and Oh Baby! co-founder Carrie Fahlgren loves watching the younger generation enjoying the pre-loved shopping experience and the excitement of starting a young family.

"I wish this concept was around while raising my children," she says. "Really, it just makes sense."

Another popular trend is online shopping, and Oh Baby! offers an easy experience on that front, too. If your little one does not like being cooped up in a stroller while you walk up and down the aisles, simply visit the Oh Baby! website and shop in your pyjamas from the comfort of your kitchen.

It is all part of Fahlgren’s mission to help moms spend as much time with their children as possible, which has also been a benefit of starting Oh Baby! with her own mom.

“The time we have already spent building this together has been priceless, and my dream has quickly become our reality,” she says. “I am so grateful, and we are so excited to share this with local moms.”

Over the next year Oh Baby! will be bringing in a small collection of sought after, quality new brands to start the reduce, reuse and re-love cycle.

“We love watching this consignment community grow," Fahlgren says. "With every single purchase you are supporting countless families in your neighbourhood. Each purchase puts a smile on our consignors' faces. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for shopping local and sustainable."

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