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Apex Meat Co. making mark in South, Central Okanagan as premier meat delivery service

New company making mark

If your grocery store meat aisle has been lacklustre in quality or shockingly over-priced, it’s time to check out the newest local rave: Apex Meat Co.

Headquartered in pristine Penticton, Apex Meat Co. has swooped into the online meat delivery market to save your summer with fresh, custom-cut, high-quality meat all at affordable prices and delivered right to your door. Serving the Central and South Okanagan, Apex Meat Co. highlights its core value of supporting local with its connection between local farmers, a local family-run and operated butcher, and the environmentally conscious, sustainably aware consumer.

Scarce for options in the industry, Apex Meat Co. was created from the minds of three novice connoisseurs who sought price sensitive, high-quality, gourmet meats, with the convenience of home delivery. Kerrigan Golinowski, together with his partners Tom Weissenmayer and Keaton Golinowski, have cornered the meat delivery market with their high-standard sourced, locally farmed B.C. meat.

“We know our customers want simplicity and transparency,” Kerrigan says. “People are concerned about where their food comes from, and they're looking for an alternative to the current meat commodity system.”

With the common thread of “high-quality” stringing through their name and product, they have gone as far as to ensure the meat raised is done with this same standard. Humanely raised, no hormone or steroid, grass-fed, grain-finished beef, organic chicken and gluten-free sausage are the distinguishing factors for the company.

“That’s the kind of care we have built into our business,” Kerrigan says. “We want each cut to have the same great taste time and again. It all starts with how they’re raised.”

They have uniquely portioned boxes that fit every family size, season and event. If nothing fits your specific need, well, they’ve thought of that, too, with their customizable “Build Your Own Box.”

So do not hesitate. Head on over to www.ApexMeat.ca and grab your box.

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