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The New Human two-day event will empower and help you find your true potential

Become a New Human

In an era when innovation blooms in every corner of your life, it’s time to upgrade the most precious asset: your own health and vitality.

The opportunity to redefine yourself, to shed the old, outdated paradigms and step into the brilliance of your own potential, has never been more tangible.

The New Human is a two-day event, hosted by Dr. Kevin Preston, designed to help you become the clear and empowered version of yourself. It’s an opportunity to write your greatest story.

The event will take place June 10 and 11 at Splatsin Community Centre. It promises to be a pioneering journey, as you move towards a paradigm of freedom, harmony and co-operation, rekindling your connection with your inner self and with each other.

The intention behind The New Human is profound. Crafted with the purpose of elevating your individual and collective vibrational capacity, this event draws in those interested in aligning with evolving human fractal patterns, unlocking the secrets of their higher purpose. Yes, this journey may be challenging. You may uncover aspects of your being that you’ve ignored or buried, but the discomfort will lead to growth and transformation. And remember, you will not be alone. Dr. Preston and his team will be there, providing a supportive environment and resources to help you face these challenges.

Everyone has a unique heart compass, and this event will provide the tools to follow its guidance more purely and simply. Dr. Preston will be sharing knowledge, resources and processes to enhance your perception of what’s possible and actionable. Experts from various fields, including regenerative medicine, emotional and ancestral healing, and soul level blueprinting, will impart their wisdom, helping to activate your innate potential.

You are invited to sharpen your intuition, to reconnect with your true nature and the natural world around you. As hidden interference patterns are resolved, a clear pathway to fulfillment will emerge. Imagine the liberation, the elation you’ll experience once you’ve discovered your true potential.

The New Human is an immersive and integrative experience designed to be real, raw and powerful. It goes beyond a typical weekend event, and its potency lies in the actionable insights you’ll take home, implementing them into your daily life.

Some of the weekend’s speakers include Mark Groves, a human connection specialist, Kristin Hallet, a writer, speaker, journalist and author, and Indigenous leaders who will be guiding participants through several ceremonies.

If you’re ready to dive deeply into your own discovery and feel an energy like never before, then seize this opportunity to become the New Human. Together, everyone can unlock their true potential and manifest a world driven by love, harmony and mutual co-operation.

To register for The New Human, visit its website here.

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