Never Die Easy

One of Vernon most elusive celebrities is the focus of a documentary.

Dag Aabye is a bit of a local legend in Vernon for his lifestyle.

In the summer, he lives off the grid in the mountains near Vernon, well into his 70s, he has better cardio than most men of any age.

A picture of Aabye outrunning an avalanche was printed on the front page of the Vancouver Sun years ago and he even has a run named after him at SilverStar Mountain Resort.

Aabye Road is, of course, a double black diamond.

While reclusive, Aabye has been featured in the media from time to time, and the latest spotlight to land on him comes from Adam Maruniak and Justin Pelletier of Brick Films.

Never Die Easy: The Dag Aabye Story follows the filmmakers as they track Aabye down - which was no easy feat considering he doesn't have a phone or even email.

They eventually contact Aabye and take a fascinating look into the life and philosophy of a man with many adventures to share.

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