Goose families safely escorted across highway from seniors home to Polson Park

Geese call Hamlets 'home'

Some annual visitors to Vernon's The Hamlets seniors home always manage to ruffle some feathers.

Their own, that is.

A couple of goose families recently returned to make a home on the roof of the seniors residence in downtown Vernon.

Tara-Lynn Manke works at the Hamlets and says she sees the geese quite often.

“They are here every year, and they nest up on our roof and then they coax their babies down. Mom and dad coax them to jump off the roof,” said Manke.

On Saturday, Manke helped lead one of the feathered families as they made their way over to Polson Park, a couple of blocks away.

The family crossed the busy highway with Manke's help, and traffic stopped for them so they could cross safely, she says.

Manke adds the residents like to watch the geese, and nobody interferes with the birds.

“The residents ... were so happy to know that the geese family made it to the park safely,” said Manke.

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