Residents of Vernon's East Hill pushing for a park on Pottery Road

Push for Pottery park

Friends of East Hill Parks are continuing their push to have a green space in Vernon's Pottery Road area.

The group recently released a video promoting its park plan.

The Friends of East Hill Parks website says the organization is a "group of Greater Vernon residents dedicated to the establishment of a new regional destination park in the East Hill subdivision."

The new video explains the area has a low ratio of parkland for the number of residents. The land it hopes to convince the city to turn into a park is currently in the Agricultural Land Reserve. However, it can be used for a park.

The group feels the 9.5-acre hay field at 15th Street and Pottery would make an ideal park.

A post on the group's website stated: "If you are a resident of East Hill, you can appreciate the limited park options you have. While the area has seven official parks, with Lakeview Park being the largest and most multi-use, the other six are residual pieces of land that have been developed into mini or tot parks.

"Fair enough. However, even by the city’s own parks planning document, East Hill is severely under-parked, when you consider the established standard for park area per resident population."

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