70 City of Vernon employees paid more than $100,000 in 2022

163 on city's top earner list

The City of Vernon's "sunshine list" includes 70 employees who made more than $100,000 last year.

All cities must disclose financial information including all employees paid over $75,000 a year.

While the public face of City Hall may be mayor and council, and decision-making power is ultimately theirs, the big money comes in working behind the scenes.

Mayor Victor Cumming's $105,556 remuneration pales compared to former chief administrative officer Will Pearce's $255,132.

A total of 70 city employees made more than $100,000 – and nine of those were paid more than $150,000.

Pearce was highest paid, but notable big earners include Fire Chief David Lind, who was paid $181,806 and director of community infrastructure and development Kim Flick, who earned $172,605.

Other top earners included:

  • Director of human resources Raeleen Manjak $172,605
  • Firefighter Doug Imrich $151,985
  • Director of recreation services Doug Ross $169,358
  • Director of financial services Debra Law $168,523
  • Manager of public works James Rice $152,578
  • Deputy CAO Kevin Poole $151,506

A total of 163 employees were paid $75,000 or more, for a combined $16,661,42.

Employees earning under $75,000 totalled $12,168,175.

All together, that's a city payroll of $28,830,017.

Staff also collected $444,637 in expenses last year.

Add to that council remuneration totalling $335,979.

Cumming, who is the only one on council whose job is considered full time, was the top earner with his $105,556.

Coun. Kelly Fehr was next at $39,671.

Coun. Teresa Durning collected $38,466, while councillors Akbal Mund and Brian Quiring each were paid $38,133.

Coun. Kari Gares was paid $37,890, while former councillor Scott Anderson, who lost the mayor's race to Cumming, was paid $33,321.

Newcomer Coun. Brian Guy, who joined council after the October election, was paid $4,810.

Council salaries vary depending on how many committees they are members of.

Anderson had the highest expenses on council, at $3,631, followed by Gares at $3,482, Cumming $3,141, Quring $2,651, Durning $2,464, Fehr $1,806, and Mund $1,504.

Guy had no expenses.

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